About Dr Singh

My name is Dr. Sandeep Singh and I am a practicing noninvasive cardiologist in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. 

I grew up in Connecticut and attended the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. I completed my training in Internal Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where I was also selected as Chief Medical Resident and given several awards for teaching medical students and residents. 

I moved on to complete my training in Cardiovascular Medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center of Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. 

My family and I moved to New York in 2000 after completing my fellowship and have had the good fortune of raising three wonderful teenagers who have made my wife and I very proud. 

My path in the world of Cardiology has led me to believe that much of our current state of health is largely of our own doing. Hence the tagline, “Health doesn’t come from healthcare, it comes from healthy living.” 

Too often, we look for the quick fix, easy meal, on the go “nutrition”, due to our busy and fast paced lifestyle. As a result, we have not appreciated the importance of home cooking, nor natural foods. We have favored processed, boxed, jarred, frozen and un-naturally occurring foods. This desire to eat what’s easy, rather than healthy, have led us to our current state of health. 

Much of our cancer and heart disease are not, in fact, genetic, but rather self induced. Poor food choices along with lack of exercise have led many of us to a more challenged, less productive, lifestyle. We often go to great lengths to save enough money for retirement yet we won’t go the extra mile to eat right and exercise. Puzzling, isn’t it?

This blog was intended to document the types of conversations I have with my patients daily and broaden the scope of my interaction. I’ve never professed to know it all, and I don’t, but I do have a fair share of experience and many years of observation of my patients’ many successes and failures as they strive to stay healthy. 

I’m hoping my words will inspire some and that my efforts don’t fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes)……